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Thursday, November 7, 2013

I need to do a German themed blog

This was tonight's dinner. It took 3 days to make. And I am pretty darn excited about how well it turned out even though the marinade was too strong and the rabbit was mostly cooked before it went in the oven to braise. The sauce made it totally edible and was sooooo good!!! I know... tooting my own horn. But the thing is that this was the scariest thing I've made in a few months.
The spätzle was out of a bag. I bought it at ALDI not too long ago and it turned out pretty good. The onion flavor was intense and there were huge pieces of onion in it. Impressive! The carrots were just nuked, buttered and browned a bit with a bit of the gravy before I made the sauce.
The rabbit was the best though. Herbs de Provence, Blueberry Lavender Preserves from Food for Thought, and rabbit stock. Yep. I made stock from the leftover trimmings and added that to the braising liquid. And that is just what went into the pan tonight. The marinade was a killer.
yeah.... I am way excited about German stuff and I am going to need to have a dedicated blog for that.

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