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Monday, November 11, 2013

Pause break

Due to a series of unfortunate technical snafus 6° of Geekdom will suspend posting. 'Puter is going in for some routine and non routine maintenance which may or may not involve invasive procedures. So Spammers beware... once this is done, you guys are cut off. And hopefully the weird things that have been happening when I try to post pictures to the blog will cease.

For some insane reason this is the biggest I can get a horizontal picture to post. It should be nearly to the edges considering the size of the original and it is still, to me, barely legible.

So, while I am gone, please check out the other blogs on my blog list to the right. Michelle is doing fascinating things (as always) and the folks at Uppercase (as of this posting) have been to a great little shop in New York that Art Stampers have been drooling over for years.

And if you would, please use the GoFundMe link to help a geek out.

I am not sure what is going to be next to post. A lot of weird things, and by weird I mean Twilight Zoney, have been happening all week. There will certainly be a discussion about the random acts of randomness. And there have been a few foreign flicks I've seen that make me think about the things that we know, that we think we know, that we want to know, about the Universe and how the Universe tries to keep its secrets. At least one of those movies, Agora, was disturbing on a couple of different levels. My Wordgeek wants to know how the events in this movie may have a lasting impact on our language. Kon-Tiki iso ne of those movies that makes you wonder about things too. Mostly: How insane do you have to be to 1. challenge Intellectual Authority (and who gets to decide who is that authority) and 2. how flipping bat shit crazy do you have to be to sail the ocean on a balsa raft for roughly 5,000 miles? I also wonder how you justify not knowing what kind of understanding your crew mates have of the natural world (humpbacks are pretty benign & don't need to be harpooned; and shark blood is still blood and still makes a frenzy) and how do you not know the level of subordination of your mates? Frankly... I never cared for stupid people. But thoughtless people who do not know how to take charge of their faculties annoy me more than the general stupidity of sheeple.

There will be a lot to write about. And I hope there will be much to photograph in the meantime.

Come back in a couple of weeks and we should be up and running again.

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