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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kitchen Adventures: Catatouille

Kipferl are traditional German Christmas cookies. Little Man is a non-traditional kitchen helper.

I am not normally fond of animals in the kitchen. I had a cat named Spock once that was very good about keeping her feet off of cooking surfaces and every other cat I have known just plowed through life, indiscriminately depositing germs wherever they went. This little guy is very good about keeping his paws away from important surfaces. And the other two in the house don't care about people food enough to be in the kitchen.

But him? Everywhere. All the Time! He is a huge feline of the Norwegian Forest variety. He can already reach the counter, as you can clearly see, and he's only half sized right now. When he is big enough to assert himself I might not be able to keep him from helping. Admittedly, being a sucker for the cute face, I've let him get away with more than he should. And thus.... while I struggled through this simple recipe he became the baker's assistant in a crazy game of "Catatouille".

The cookies actually came out well. It was only a struggle because I am a bit out of practice.

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