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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Something David Said

My cousin David is an artist and he has had quite an amazing amount of life happen to him over the years which could get a fella down. Yet he is always positive and quite productive. He said something on Facebook in the context of life that really made a lot of sense to me and encouraged me as well.... I need to get out of the idea that selling art is only for a select few.

The Liar Depression is always trying to hold you back. Sometimes it wins. Sometimes you win. I don't win very often. And one of the reasons that I don't is that I keep believing that I don't have the credentials to sell my work. I have the skill. But not the cred.

For some reason I think that matters. Nevermind that we have all been taught that it matters. And that an artist is not really an artist until he or she is in a gallery and has tons of sales. It's like writing. If you aren't making money at it then that is not who you are. I don't make money doing this. But I am a writer. The only qualification is to actually write. I am an artist. I make art. That should be enough.

It should. It isn't. And so.....
I've put David's words into a banner. Whatever you are doing that Depression wants you to stop doing that would be good for you can be substituted for the word art. Substitute. Tell your self the truth. It isn't enough to call Depression a liar if you are going to go back to your safety zone and hide. Call it a liar. AND kick it in the teeth.

Do what you like. Do what you are called to do.
Steal this if you have to.

And yes.... I am letting this bleed over so that if you want to lift it you can have a descent size to do so. Normally I hate having anything run off the page. But for you I make an exception.

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