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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trains Trains Trains & Geeky Friends.

So today was Train day.
I invited a friend to go because it was cheap enough for me to treat this time and because I have always loved the replica of our home town. Sadly though, the buildings that I was hoping to see were not up. Those are actually permanently displayed elsewhere. And that means that we are going there as soon as the roads are better to drive on. The introvert in me worried that it would be lame and not at all that interesting to my friend. But... I do kinda like local history a lot so at the very least....

I'm never sure about anything. Well.... I'm pretty uncertain about a lot of things. But it was actually a lot of fun. The display is interactive and there are all kinds of buttons to push. And my friend pushed them all. One made a carousel spin. Another made figure skaters glide across a pale blue pond. And then the best one had the Red Baron chasing an enemy pilot. Hilarious.

At one point my friend said something about what the display would look like if he were a modeler. Macabre. To which I said, "Like Calvin Snowmen." We laughed that Happy Someone gets me/I've found a co-conspirator laugh. I mean, these people have to have some kind of sense of humor. There was a Wiley Coyote surprising an feed-munching roadrunner and a Giant Luigi hiding in a stand of fir trees so its not like the realism is 100% worshipful. The display that had Luigi looming over the scene sported a colorful ferris wheel. Personally, I would have liked to see someone dangling from one of the carts... kinda how I wish Sherlock had pushed Moriarty off the London Ferris wheel and stayed alive. But that is just me. But back to snowmen....

I had intended to make Dr. Who Snowmen. Yesterday while I was shoveling/yooper scooping the driveway I may or may not (may) have built the base of a Snow dalek. And now I know who I will get to help me make Whomen. Or... Calvin Snowmen.... gosh, now I am torn.

In either case, my flat mate will freak out. Roll her eyes. And shake her head.
I, of course, will blame it entirely on seasonal affective disorder and having too much time on my hands.

edited with an afterthought: If I was a modeler I would do the 4 kids running for their lives from Stand By Me.... just to see who in the audience is paying attention.

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