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Friday, April 25, 2014

It's not like TV... not all the time.

The first weekend on my own as a supervisor would, quite logically, have had to fall on a full moon weekend. Granted the fullness of the moon was a day or so away. But as always, the weekends preceding or immediately following the full moon are always interesting. This is an excerpt from a letter I wrote a friend regarding my adventure.

But;  the computer was down for a while, there was a heart attack, a beating after a night of heavy cocaine use, which of course lead to an irate next door customer who's room was compt, a missing Wedding party and four toilets with leaks. And that was just Saturday between 9 and one.
The heart attack was off property. A relative of an employee had a heart attack, so that employee called in for a shift which meant that the GM was a bit frantic trying to find people to replace him.
The beating and cocaine use was interesting. Apparently the first clue that we had that anything was going on was an irate guest. It would seem the dude was up all night tapping out his lines loud enough to for her to hear. And when he was done snorting he was yelling. This pattern repeated for hours on end. And of course she said nothing until the morning so she could get herself really worked up and scream her head off. Then a cop showed up with a young woman in tow. Her boyfriend beat the living hell out of her in the parking lot where several passersby saw & reported it. Just before the cops got there he threw her out of the moving car before leaving the parking lot.
 We had to put the room out of order. She stunk so badly form her meth habit we had to run the ozonator. She stunk so badly while she was sitting in the lobby giving her statement that several employees wondered why maintenance was painting on a weekend. The lobby resumed its normal smell about an hour after she was gone. Don't do meth kids.
Things settled down for about an hour when the GM, the front desk manager and a shuttle driver frantically paced the hotel. Apparently someone booked a bus to take 6 rooms worth of guests, the bride and her entourage to the wedding venue. The dude arrived at his 3:15 booking. Waited a half an hour before coming in to ask where the bloody hell everyone was because he had another drop to make and was now running late. As there were no people draped in frills an furbelows in the lobby, calls were placed. None of the rooms answered. By the time they looked up a contact number to directly dial the bride, the shuttle driver was annoyed enough to leave. I was just coming around the corner near the front desk to hear the part of the frantic discussion that went "How do you lose a whole wedding party?!"
No. I did not say Alien abduction. Yes. I thought it. :D Had anyone bothered to ask I could have told them that the entire party had left at 2:30 for the venue, one half hour before the bus arrived. They told me that they were leaving at 2:30 so we could come and clean their rooms for stay over service. It was the only thing no one called me about that day.
Toilet leaks were odd.
This is not how our hotel functions normally. It really was quite an odd weekend. Calamity strikes maybe once a month, normally does not involve police and usually is a result of age of moving parts. Or a problem with online bookings.... sometimes those get tricky and result in some last minute scrambling. But that is something to do with the ghosts in the machinery than no one has any control over because of satellites and the interwebs. Overall, life in the hotel business is pretty well predictable and routine. Covering shifts in the event of illness and injury is the most juggling that we have to deal with in my department. Seldom does anything so bizarre spread throughout multiple departments. It was a weekend straight out of the Hotel TV series.
For those of you too young to remember... I can not explain it other than to say that Connie Selecca and James Brolin became household names.

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