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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Spring will be late this year if it ever comes at all. It has been 5.5 months of snow and counting. This last month has been a whirlwind of change. So that is the only thing that is going the way this season is supposed to go.

I have moved and am settling into this place faster than I did the last. These guys are much more like me.... the right kind of geek. As I am settling in, I realize that it has been 5 years since I have truly been able to be myself. A huge aspect of my life has been toned down to appease the people with whom I have been associated because I am a bit outside the norm. I'd love to show you some pictures... but I've left my camera somewhere other than here. It is in a bag in storage and not in the camera bag. I thought that I tucked it into the ones I have here. I also thought that I had packed my watercolor kit in the car. But no.... that ended up in storage too. Oh well. I'll have time to dig it out in a week or so.

I am settling into the new position at work. Feedback says that it will be permanent. Now to boost the hours. Money is a struggle, as always. And I freak out about it frequently. But it won't always be a problem. Once the change with work has really sunk in and the pattern is established I will be better able to figure out how to supplement the income. Or if things work out, decrease my debtedness. Won't that be a miracle!?

In the meantime, I am slowly finding more energy. You really do have to be in the right place with the right frame of mind to be able to function to full capacity. While that might sound like hokum to a lot of people, it really isn't. Your soul and your spirit need harmony with the rest of your life or you end up draining yourself. It's a slow leak.

I'm reflecting a lot today. It should be doing other things. But the roads are crap and it has been a month since I have had a day to myself. Which is funny. Because I am not really by myself. There is a cat in the window soaking up what precious little sun there is today. And a fellow Aquarius sitting in the chair opposite me, less than 4 feet away. In true Sherlock/Watson fashion, we occupy the same relative area and yet are completely independent of each other. I am far enough into my own head that she is only a peripheral landmark. And she is far enough into her own thing that I am likewise only peripheral.

It truly is a Sherlock/Watson thing. Now that I have noticed it, it is hard to not notice. Now its hard to forget about.

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