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Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Vacation: kayaking

It isn't exactly like loading up a woody with the boards inside and heading out singing a song, but it will have to do. A MacGyvered rack made of paddles and pool noodles carried two kayaks to a spot on the Boardman River a bit south of town. We toddled along the river for a hour and a half on a cool enough day to avoid bugs and early enough to avoid indecent sun exposure. My face would have killed me if we were out any longer.

So obviously I do not have a waterproof camera. This is a composition
collage from two visits to the same stretch of river. If I had a waterproof
camera there would be pictures of us in the kayaks on the water.... and maybe
up close shots of the water hazards. Well, maybe not just yet. I'm not that fast
with the shutter or the steering. 

The whole experience was awesome. For someone who has never done it before, kayaking was a blast. Of course my boyfriend wouldn't let me get into anything too far over my head. His basic instructions and a few minutes to myself on the water to get the feel for it without the judging glare you get from other people and I was good to go. I even felt bold enough at one point to rock my Otter back and forth to see just how far it would let me lean. In that respect it is a little like riding a horse. Or a motorcycle... so I have heard.

That was a few weeks back. It's taken a while to post because my new position keeps me a lot busier than the old one did. And there has been some illness and other happenings between then and now. I have another post to make about another day trip. And I think I am behind in my lighthouse updates. Oh wait... have I told you we have been to some lighthouses? I think I am behind in a lot of things.

I've been so busy it almost feels like I have the old group back together. The only difference is that I am forty and instead of being rejuvenated I am plum tuckered out at the end of these excursions. Why didn't I do these things in my 30s?

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