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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Unintended Library Tour 2014

Not sure how it happened. But it seems as though anywhere we went this Summer we were in someone's library. Fortunately there was nothing lurking in the shadows waiting to save us. For the most part we both enjoy books and libraries in general. And while I do see my local library as something of an art piece itself, and can appreciate the art that populates it, I have never really seen libraries as a thing to tour like lighthouses or other architecturally interesting buildings. But as we traveled it happened that we began the Unintended Library Tour.

When we went to Elk Rapids I wanted to go to the library there for personal reasons. My grandfather owned the island and house for a time, it was my favorite place to go when we went there as kids and as far as the aesthetic goes... it looks like Green Gables. Well... the version that I have of it in my head. And so we went. And BF indulged me with my camera as he always does.

The trip to Petosky was another matter. We were going for the food. His parents made a recommendation and we were thinking that we should travel a little further a field than in the past. It was a Sunday and town was quiet around noon when we got there. After the time in the car we needed a restroom. The wayfinding map indicated one right in front of us. Unless it was cloaked the map was mismarked. But oddly the library was open on a Sunday. So we went in search of the lavatory. I didn't expect the inside of the library to be as incredibly interesting as it was. The outside was amazing with its cupola and corinthian columns. But dang.... the inside. The inside was Amazing!!  While we were there it occurred to me that there was a place to see with really amazing construction. But we had goals for downtown Petosky. So my brilliant idea for Charlevoix would wait for the return trip home.

And as we went home and got through Charlevoix we made the right turn toward the hospital and looked at the mushroom houses. While we were looking for more of them we made a discovery.... another acrylic fish sculpture. Well.... that seemed worth investigating. When we pulled up it was the library. It is currently housed in an old school. So... add one more to the library tour.

Funny thing is, I didn't notice it until we got home and I started to do the photo edits. Since he has classwork to do we will be going to our library. And I will take pictures there to add to the collection.

I wonder if we will ever get a fish for our library.

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