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Monday, February 2, 2015

Quiet Sunny Winter Day

There has been an upheaval in the house. It's slowly straightening itself out but alas not in time for me to have my vacation to myself. I need a recharge. And it seems perfectly natural to do so this first week of February. Why? I know it is the dead of Winter and there isn't anything to do outside that won't risk another hamstring. It isn't about being outside. It is about being in the light.

Apparently in the celtic calendar yesterday was the first full day of Spring. And today being Groundhog day, we have the proclamation of 6 more weeks (which was going to happen weather Phil saw anything or just crapped himself in his hidey hole). One thing is for certain, the lengthening of days and the quality of the light is what I need. And this is the best week to get it. I don't want to be stuck inside the hotel while the light is being wasted. And, let's be honest, this is the week for a horrendous snow storm. It always has been and I just didn't want to drive in it.

Downstate got the snow as the storm line cut right across the state nearly perfectly horizontally and only about 25 miles south of my hometown. We missed it. The sky is mostly clear, it is cold and the sun when through yonder window breaks fairly blinds me until thin clouds draw some shade. The cat is sprawled along my leg on the couch and there is quiet again this afternoon. I have magazines to interpret and recipes to build shopping lists for. There are things that I could write about better than the quality of the light.... but I don't want to. I want to soak it all in.

I laid in bed til late, only getting up when the naples yellow light threatened to sic a migraine on me. I was warm from the sun and not the dry heat of a furnace or the suffocating weight of many blankets. Soaked up the sun. Enjoyed the peace of a less stimulating day. No visual pollution. No audio pollution. Just me and sun. And now the cat.

She sleeps in a ball, apparently deciding that writing about her was the same as talking about her so she had to make me wrong about my facts, face to the light. I am ready to curl up as well. The housemate and I want to see Imitation Game at the Bijou tonight if it is still there. But now... I am so finally at peace after a crazy week that I would rather stay home, gnosh of some cauliflower soup and roast beef and go back to sleep, perchance to dream without terror.

At three in the afternoon the light dies again. But it holds on for longer than it did back in November. I too shall fade into twilight along with the cat.

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