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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Living in the Future

I have just realized that I could not do half the things that I do if it were not for the fact that we live in the future. Snapped a bunch of pictures today for my German pen pal. She wants to see what kinds of things we have here in America that are labeled as German. And, as you all know, I am trying to be a better food photographer.

Today I got a really good cafe shot of some strudel. It took 16 shots to get a good one that could be touched up without a lot of effort to match the aesthetic of my blog. As I was admiring my work I realized that this would be a really expensive hobby if I had to pay for film and wait for its development. Sixteen shots to get one exceptionally well done one that I felt proud to post! All of the photos that I have on my hard drive would amount to a few hundred dollars. If you added in all the ones that went into the recycle bin I'd be up to my armpits in debt. Blogger and Wordpress are free platforms. The only thing I pay for is picmonkey and the gas to get someplace fun.

This so was not possible back when I had camera envy. My sister got a really good point and shoot to go on a Senior class trip. Her photos were postcard worthy. I still struggle with that even though my food shots are quite good. And I have a bit of camera envy toward my pen pal. But generally, I am quite happy that the entire photo studio can go with me in the car and I do not have to spend a lot of money to entertain myself and others. That is until I do something stupid to my camera.

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