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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Toes in the Sand

Depression has had a good hold of me. I am pretty sure it is not the Depression that Lies. This is your common, everyday, run of the mill, situational depression. This is End of the Relationship's World depression. And my housemate couldn't stand it. So we went out for an adventure.

The weather around here is finally cooperating. So a drive to hit her favorite place to rock hunt. I just didn't know where we were going. And as much as I loved the views and the pictures that I got I wish we hadn't gone. I wish I hadn't gone.

This wasn't too far from the place he and I found last Spring with the wild strawberries on the jetty and the trees being submerged by Lake Michigan's rising water levels. You can see Pyramid Point there in the background. And to get here we had to drive right passed his house. Ouch.

I got my toes in the sand and felt the sun on my face while napping and easing the muscle fatigue. Now if only that would work on the mental fatigue.

It was a good shoot. I ran out of battery power after 55 shots. Not all of them were worth keeping. So by the time the sky started to do remarkable things I didn't have any juice left in the camera. A nap was the only thing to do while the rock hound was digging up treasures. I was left to study the colors and patterns on the lake with its ice floes and the dirt trapped in the thinning shelves just under the rippling water's surface.

There is a reason that some shades of blue and green work with shades of brown.

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