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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Emerging Photo Geek

I can not even begin to describe how happy I am with today's 20 Minutes in the Woods. Look at those solar flares. Just LOOK at them! Not a stitch of editing to make it so.

Originally, I was going to camp out with the computer and chill out when I got home. We are working hard on the hotel renovation and it is killing me. So I just wanted some couch time, maybe a little face time with David Tennant and something savory to snack on. But I had to retrieve my back pack from the car for any of this to happen.

When I grabbed it and turned toward the house I noticed something white flopping in the wind by a tree. Honestly, given the quality of care our neighbors take with the community park, I thought it was litter. Nope. As soon as I saw it bobbing in the breeze I knew it was well rooted. So I left my back pack in the car. Took out the camera bag and headed down to the park.

A solitary trillium waved madly at the base of an oak tree. It has been exceedingly windy here today and this little thing was flying like a pennant in a hurricane. They must be rather study things to take the ground force gales like that. Trillium plants reproduce on runner vines like strawberries do so there is a huge network of roots holding each plant in place. Still, it waved madly in the wind. I set the camera to the fast moving object setting (it isn't just for sports events kids) and took aim. I got your standard top down view.

There are a couple of non traditional shots that are only slightly more interesting than the traditional shot. And then there are my favorite shots that I actually laid on the ground to take. My face was on the ground for those!
I love this one because the posture of this flower reminds me of the "Boom Baby" posture of Cuzco and Patcha at the end of Emporer's New Groove. Or any Nathan Lane "tada" moment. It just seems so happy to be out in the sun. The only problem with today's shoot is that I didn't have my hand dandy homemade diffuser ready to go. So the light over exposed the white petals. This required some edit to make it look almost like it is supposed to.

Also, the woods had violets, some cool agates and tons and tons of busted up acorns. I think that it is fairly safe to say that I am an emerging photography geek.

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