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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Text is Beautiful

I have always been a font junkie. Perhaps I mentioned annoying my friends by being able to call out a font used in movie credits... while they roll... in the theater and not just at home with the DVD player? No. Oh well, forget I mentioned it. Anywayyyy.... I have seen these cool looking text clouds in a bunch of places and wondered how they happen. At one point I thought that I would make one at PicMonkey but thought better of it. For now, at least. And it turned out, I didn't have to labor to do it.

Calligraphy. Typography. What ever you want to call the alphabet in its many guises, text is beautiful. And there is a website to prove it. There are a few options and it seems like you could have endless combinations. This is what the 6° blog's cloud looks like. This is what is going on in my head, a representation of the thoughts that I have shared here. This is what we have been focusing on here in Geekdom.

And  I think that I am glad that Dr. Freud isn't here for analysis. For the most part this is a pretty positive cloud, mostly silver linings. It is evident to me from the large green "loss" the large raspberry pink "depression" and medium sized "crap" & "depression" and the smaller sap green "wrong" that there are some dark things for which the larger brilliant words provide cover or succor. Most telling is that the largest word in the bright raspberry is "stories".

Every person on the planet is a living, breathing, walking, talking story. As a writer in general and specifically as a fan of novels, movies and songs, it should not surprise me that this is the word that comes through in a sampling of my blog posts. Several things surprise me about this cloud. But I think I am just going to look at it and appreciate it for what it is for a few days then analyse the hell out of myself later.

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