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Monday, May 4, 2015

We'll Always Have Facebook

Well, I am officially done with my job of the last 6 years. Yesterday was my last day. Like so many milestones it passed with the pomp and circumstance of a toilet flush. It was just another day. We punched in and did our jobs and punched out. There was some laughing, complaining, fighting with furniture and some "We'll always have facebook". One hug and a couple of see ya arounds. Oh, and sad puppy face from one of the kitchen guys.

Oddly enough, I am only hopping across the parking lot to our sister facility. It isn't like I am moving on to another state, in another direction, into another dimension. It isn't like there won't be Christmas parties or lunches. I'll still retain my discount for the kitchen. And I am across the hall. We also don't have a home a base until the offices are done so it isn't like I won't get to haunt the old place a couple of times. To me it seems normal that there will be a delayed reaction to the change. It just makes people uncomfortable that I am not sad.

That is strange to me. I am completely self possessed at the moment and totally within normal parameters emotionally.... why would anyone want me to be a basket case? I don't get it.

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