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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bucket List Shot to Hell

I'm not going to get to much on that bucket list. But I did find the bike that I want. It's a Huffy like what I had when I was a kid. Instead of General Lee orange this one is pistachio. I'd go for the lilac or the metallic green but those cost more. And I want to be able to trip it out.

Since I could be moving back toward town soon it would be nice to have the grocery getters attached. This will also mean that I will have to have a good lock and some safety lights installed.

In terms of safety did you know that they make LED lights that slide over your valve stem on the tire? And LED for the spokes? It's amazing the things that technology can do. When I find better balance on a bike I might get to the stage where I will want to have a mountain bike and do some thing a little more adventurous than getting groceries on the TART trail.

I miss being on a bike. Robin Williams says it is the closest thing to flying without having wings. I had always thought that when I was a kid too. I miss flying down the subdivision on my bike.

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