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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wheels in the Sky Keep Turning

I have been a student of Astrology for a few years now. And I have been a skeptical believer in the validity of the teaching that says that the planets and their alignments affect the way people express their personality (sun sign). I am a firm wisher for instant Karma and find no other explanation for patterns within my family going back multiple generations other than the balancing of karmic checkbooks. And when I find the ancestor who wrote the checks this body is responsible for covering there will be words. Some days it is hard to believe that there is such a thing as fate. Others, it seems like fate is doing nothing but kicking ass and taking names.

The planetary wheel keep turning because science says that is what they do. The wheels in the sky should bear no influence on anything happening here. But something weird and karmic and just happened to me today. I could say that someone's plots caught up with her because people can only put on a false front for so long. Or you could say that Someone simple got to the end of her ability and shot the game on a wild throw. It is bound to happen. Liars get found out and thieves get caught all the time without the planets having much to do with it. Any good Sherlock John would tell you that criminals get caught because they over play a hand or because the detectives are that good. And normally, being a fan of crime drama and good Good v. Evil genres, I would agree.

The trouble is, I've done some studies in other areas. I have been a prayer warrior, praying hedges of protection around myself and others. And I have done spellwork. Both amount to the same thing. The only real difference in Intercession and Incantation is semantic. And the Someone to whom I refer has been a thorn. I simply asked for protection from this Someone. And for the Someone to reveal themselves for who they are, the have a veil or shimmer removed and to be exposed in the plots. You see the direct approach didn't work and the Dealing With Biters model didn't work. So that left only intervention of the Dead Ancestors Club™ and every ounce of Christian and Pagan knowledge I have to keep myself safe from those influences again. So I find it coincidental that within 48 hours of intercessory prayer the first step in correcting the situation happened.

The test of coincidence or cooperation from the Verse will be in the follow up. I did something to protect myself from intentional harm from my brother and it worked so well it scared me. I hate to employ the same tactic because it is a strong defense. And it is painful, involving the psychosomatic instigation of physical pain in direct proportion to the amount of pain the other wishes to inflict. I literally made my brother sick by directing his malicious intent back at him. As this Someone likes to employ humiliation as a tool for harming others then that is what Someone will experience in kind. That is a little more difficult to discern and will make confirming application results more difficult.

The only thing that I know for sure is that Karmic Justice works much more swiftly and publicly than I have ever noticed before. It used to take decades for peoples actions to catch up to them. Now it is only months. Either people are getting dumber or there really is something to this planetary stuff. the ancients relied on the stars and the science of astrology for hundreds of years and seemed to do well when they heeded the advice. Personalities of enemies were easier to decipher than modern psychology makes it. There could very well be something to the old ways. If there wasn't then the Christian churches would not feel so threatened and could just dismiss these things the way they do the greening of the home for Christmas.

I still am skeptical. But as I am not a physically strong woman, I have to rely on other methods for my protection.

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