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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vacation as Therapy?

I saw a t-shirt today that had the phrase "I don't need therapy. I  just need to go to Germany" printed on it with a German flag colored outline map of Germany.

It got me thinking.
Do I really need a therapist?
Do I really need a few days off to recharge?
Could everything be settled by packing up and heading back to the homeland?

Being in Germany where I suspect I will feel more normal and at home might be just the thing to revive my poor weary spirit. On the other hand... I could get there and find out the whole thing is just a fantasy and it won't be any more satisfying than a long swim in the lake.

I don't want to lose the idea that Germany holds keys to peace in as much as I believe that it holds keys to feeling my roots better which will help me feel grounded. Being grounded makes me feel better about everything.

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