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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lingering Fall

It is a beautiful day today. All of the windows are open as it is still in the upper 60s. These are the last few days in which air will travel freely in the house. Soon we will be closing up the windows tight to keep the cold from my housemate's joints. The air will die soon. The days will be dark and grey. I will enjoy these hours while I can.

Part of enjoying this lasting end of the season is the understanding that things are changing again. And so sadness comes with change. My new deck chair is sitting in the sun to dry out in preparation for overwintering in the shed. The light in my room is a peace-filled peachy mango color. So everything has a wonderfully romantic yellow glow to it. This soon will pass. The light in my room will become harsh again and I will seek the comfort of many blankets. There will be nothing against the changing colors of the sky but inky streaks of barren limbs but today there are still jewel tones dancing across a blue sky.

These last days of fall are truly my favorite days. I could sleep out in that chair all day. I need only a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate to keep these winds from howling through my bones. The breeze on a fall day is more gusty than during the Summer when we are starving for something to cool things off a bit. I love relaxing in the fresh air with a good book... or three.

Baking, cooking and regular writing will commence soon. Work will slow down. I will have time to do the things that I have been putting off. And I will have the time to create... but I will still miss my chair.

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