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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blog Changes Coming Soon

I am contemplating freshening things up a bit.
I have loved the look of the blog since the last redo. But it seems heavy and on some days it is hard to read because the words get lost some how. The dark background makes the photos pop for sure. But I think that it is a bit overwhelming given how much weight is falling from my heart these days. It is just time to "lighten up, Francis."

Currently working on the window display for Christmas, trying to get holiday baking done and home deep cleans done with a hip that won't really let me do much for long periods of time. No, I don't know what is wrong. And no, I don't have immediate plans to have it looked at. The hospital and I are having a hard time coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Everything is running slower than normal as a result of the crippling pain. But I will keep chugging along until its time to put me down like the Horse in Animal Farm.

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