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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Features @

One of the things that has been on my Christmas list is the ability to do real drop shadows at Picmonkey. I've been doing it the hard way by copying the text, changing color and then sending it either forward or backward and sliding it till the shadow color peeps out. Depending on the font, it doesn't always work.

With the new options for text effects, you can really do some amazing things.

With the drop shadow and the knockout options and sliders for each set near the middle of the range you can have all kinds of dramatic effects making simple tone on tone illustrations really pop. In you use the inner shadow option with shallow settings on the sliders, almost all of them were set close to zero, it looks debossed. In the above sample the text is white on a white background with the same red chosen for each line. And just look at the range!

Do this with a range of greys and you could get a really nice liquid silver or platinum look. It sure will make things easier for the food blog to add text in the densely populated parts of pictures. Before I was using labels to mask areas where text had to go to make them readable. Now, that process will be so much easier!!

So Merry Christmas to me!

Now if only we could write on text lines and bend them instead of rigid text boxes. I'd even take a text circle, for those fun little olympic moments.

Maybe next year?


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