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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today a Widow

Every time I take a facebook quiz regarding my celeb hook up, especially my TV husband, no matter how I answer I get Alan Rickman. Alan Rickman is one of those people for whom I will watch ANYTHING. If he is in the credits I am there.

When I can not sleep I will find his voice in something and let it soothe me to sleep. How he crept into my wheelhouse is a little hard to pin point. As with so many actors and actresses that mean something to us, we can know about them in a variety of places. But it will be one role that just grabs every molecule of your being and takes ownership of your heart.

That role was Colonel Brandon.

Until Sense and Sensibility, I only recognized him as the antagonist from a good many movies. His voice made my skin crawl in a way that was both terrifying and exhilarating. When I saw his name in the credits for S&S I was waiting for him to be the bad guy. When he turned out to be as charming and genial as you could wish any man to be, when he carried her home from a rainy field, a part of my heart belonged to him.

Despite being a movie bad guy extraordinaire, he was a kind soul, a gentleman. The last piece I saw was a short with Emma Thompson, A Song of Lunch.

He has passed, as so many have this week. Between Bowie and Rickman, I am raw. Caught between two Yahrzeits, Shayne's and Sabba Nimoy's. And now to add to it this week. I will have a rough vacation; enough time to cry it all out.

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