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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Shared Peeve & New Books

A post about Book Towns  inspired a trip to the book store. I picked up a book of short stories, the new Castle mystery and Charles Darwin's Origin of Species.While reading the first few passages, I realized that I share a literary proclivity with Darwin. His sentences are overpopulated with commas. Mine were when I first started writing as well.

Now I can't stand them.

It is so hard to read between the commas. I am never sure which parts of a sentence are related to each other if too many are used. There are too many implied side comments or potentials for tangential meanderings which I already have a problem with. So when Darwin does it I kinda want to scream. I said something aloud to my house mate about the issue. And she says "Oh God not you too."

Apparently I share the annoyance with Richard Armitage.
The only thing I share with celebrity.

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