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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ~composer
Lewis Carroll ~author
Samuel Gompers ~labor leader
William Randolf Hearst ~journalist, publisher
James Cromwell ~actor

Other events of note
Tajan  ~assumed leadership of Rome following his father's death.
Dante ~exiled to Florence
Frances Drake dies
Clement VI ~justifies the papacy and ratifies indulgences
Guy Fawkes goes on trial
U.S. Congress approves the Indian Territory, begins forced relocation of Native Tribes.
NASA ~Apollo 1 test fire kills 3 Austronauts
Paris Peace Accord officially ends Vietnam war in 1973
2006 the Telegram dies
Arab Spring ~revolution in Yemen, 2011

January 28
Alan Alda ~actor

2016 Joe Cocker dies.

2016 is beginning to look a lot like the end of the 70s to me. With all the culturally significant figures leaving, it feels so much like the end of an era. It isn't necessarily that I feel old. I feel like things are ending, rapidly. And it feels like we haven't learned anything, that in fact we are currently taking several steps backwards into a Dark Age.

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