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Friday, April 22, 2016

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April 21st 2016, another dark day in history.

Everyone is writing about what Prince has meant to them so it seems redundant to write such things here. After all, he isn't the top of my list of heroes musical or otherwise. However, Prince is part of the warp and weft of the 80s through which all others are woven. There isn't a pop music playlist that is complete without some Prince on it.

In 9th grade gym class we were allowed to have music for our laps. Prince was the choice of one of the girls who actually had music to bring to school. Purple Rain was the sound track for our track runs. Sometimes Bruce Springsteen would accompany our runs. And then once in a while we would hear Billy Joel's Uptown Girl. But it was mostly Prince.

The music that we grew up on will always remain, but the artists are leaving. It seems as if in droves at that. We still have Sting and Sir Paul who both continue to make music, broadening our horizons. Madonna, the Boss, Billy Joel and Duran Duran are still with us. And I hope that it will be many more years before any of them depart. 2016 has been a cruel Ferryman, I do not trust him in the least.

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