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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Moon Woke Me Up

The moon is full tonight. It was sitting in the West, light streaming into my window through the slits in the blinds. I had to look twice, then three times because it seemed there were two moons. One was considerably smaller. In my dream-drunk stupor I vaguely recalled that Mars was supposed to be visible this month.

With the greatest excitement and panic I shot out of bed (mistake), dressed for the cold, frantically (another mistake) searched for my camera and dashed outside to be utterly disappointed.

Apparently at any angle of viewing my windows cast two moons. When I went outside there was only the one glorious moon we have and Mars was no where to be seen.

With a bit of grief and much relief that I didn't wake the house for nothing I came back inside to reflect on tonight's dreams and nightmares. And to steady my heart rate. I shall be awake for sometime. My heart is pounding as if the adrenaline has killed what was left of my heart medicine.
I am not safe from any strong emotion it would seem. And since I do not want another stay in the hospital, I am going to have to do something a bit different in life.

Matthias Reim's new album comes out. I will have to consider the wisdom in these new songs quite seriously. To be sure the album is full of fun and life but there is also in this one, some good solid retrospection and some lessons to be learned. Trust me, it is best to learn some things vicariously rather than to go through them yourself. It is a shorter road to travel. That doesn't make your road less difficult and your own accomplishments less valid. It just make the stress of traveling it less to have the roadmap and footnotes that others who have gone before you have left.

Optimism is the key.

Control of one's irrational emotions is also key.

Of course from where I am sitting, being able to sleep through the night would help tremendously.

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