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Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's

So much for Spring:

Of course the minute I refill the feeders Mother Nature decides to rescind the rights of Spring. Ugh! I am so ready for the Gloom of Winter to be over.

I got new feeders this year. This one is from ALDI 6.00. The hopper feeder with the two suet cages is versatile and holds a good 3-5 pounds of food. And I've filled in twice in the last three days.

Apparently the new growth foods aren't ready and the Winter stores are depleted enough that every one is pigging out on these seeds. There is black oil sunflower seed and a cracked corn mix for the larger birds. And the squirrels have decided to throw their weight around to spill these on the ground. And someone decided to try to eat the cross bar under the roof. I have no idea why unless they would like it on the ground. Which makes that one smart squirrel.

We are expecting somewhere between 2-10 inches during the next 3 days. Honestly, I miss the sunshine. I don't care if it's warm. I just want the sun.

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