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Monday, May 16, 2016

May 15th. It snowed yesterday

While I was charging the camera to go out and get more shots of the Cherry Blossoms this happened.

I know I live in Michigan. I know the weather is weird and there are no guarantees that the forecast you get in the morning will remain accurate long enough to plan the day. But come on! The fruit trees are blossoming. The regular trees have unfurled their leaves. Delicate flowers are blooming all over the place. There are clumps of violets in the yard bigger than any that I have seen in a long LONG lonnnnnnng time.


In May.

Yes, it has snowed in June July and sometimes it will actually snow in August. But geez, if you show up late to the party you shouldn't be a dick while you're there. Winter, I'm talking to you. Go home. You are so drunk the rats don't want to smell you.

No it didn't stick. But it didn't warm right back up either so no planting will happen today either.

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