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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Birding Update

It is mid May and we have now 20 different varieties of birds regularly attending the feeders. The previous list is updated to reflect the new arrivals. There may have been two other species, an evening grosbeak and another kind of sparrow. However, as they have not sat still for any photos and the one was a bit out of range for a clear identification, those visitors will have to remain a mystery.

Of the feathered friends who have arrived and been cataloged, one gorgeous shot has been obtained. I entered it into a photography contest today. As it has no hope of winning, and when you see the winner you will understand, I will also post it here.
I really do feel like it is one of the best birds shots that I have been able to get. It is also one of my most professional quality shots. You go through a lot of shots to get the best ones. Even the pros don't hit the mark every time. Of course it helps that this one wasn't afraid of being 4 feet from me and likes to mug for the camera. Now if only some of the other birds would cooperate.

Over the coming months there should be more birds arriving. And I guess I should add in the sand hill cranes that I saw overhead a few weeks ago. They are huge, a little terrifying and very much like a pterodactyl when you are not prepared for them. I was not prepared. And I may have screamed a little. The swans are not back in the yard though they are out on the bay. Last April we had them on the lake so I do not know why they are not here now. There was plenty of food and a not a lot of pestering from humans.

I think that I am going to add one more feeder for the small seed so that the platforms are free for the larger birds. The baby cardinals have been hanging out but the parents are scarce. Also hoping that some of the birds will get used to us enough to stick around when the camera is out. It would be especially nice to catch the Red winged blackbird in flight, showing off his bright colors.

The bird bath goes out tomorrow as well as the oriole feeder. Perhaps that will encourage more of the kind.

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