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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Killing Energy

I leave you with a picture of Lake Michigan's sparkling waves. I have decided to kill some more energy cells with my CD player on the porch and write out future posts long hand.

I miss writing long hand and as much as it hurts I think that I have to to keep them supple and nimble. Normally when I post I compose here on the dashboard. But with limited time to post in myriad locations, I should just stick to writing where I am and then type it all in later.

Future installments for Destination: Mighty Mac are coming, as are a few posts about Summers in Northern Michigan and the quiet pursuits. Also, I am hashing out a response to Doug Stanton's unintended writing prompt regarding the nature of our relationship to the environment and the shift in that relationship. I also have some updates on birds and a few stories to tell. There is a lot to write.

I need to write offline to avoid the distractions of the internet. So while I am off killing some batteries in a CD player you all should go do something fun for yourself to recharge you own batteries.

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