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Friday, July 29, 2016

Good Morning Russia

Not sure how we've attracted so much attention from that part of the world. But good morning.

I suppose you're waiting for a commentary about Trump's comments that Russia should hack Hill's emails. Seriously? I thought Putin was too busy with his new girlfriend to give too shits about Trump. But then, if rumors are true and he owes more money to Putin than can be ignored, by all means. Do what you feel is right.

But let me ask this. If someone wants to borrow money from you and has been turned down by EVERY BANK IN AMERICA why would you be stupid enough to lend it to him. Honestly, I though Vlad was smarter than that. I don't appreciate the megalomania but I appreciate his logic. Normally. But c'mon, his own country won't deal with him. Yeah that looks like an opportunity. Yeah, kinda too good to be true. Do you know what we say here?

"If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Meaning if it looks like a deal, if it looks like you are being offered the chance to rob someone blind, if you're going to get bigger returns with that goomba than with anyone else then it's probably a scam. It is international high stakes Three Card Monte. If you are only looking at the dollar signs then it looks like a great deal. But there is more to every transaction than money.

Payment history. I really feel like this is econ 101 and a world leader should know better. But maybe things are done differently over there. Dunno. But the guy has a history of being sued for non-payment. And as any banker will tell you, when you have that many outstanding debts they know you won't pay it therefore you are an unreasonable credit risk. And not only does he NOT pay people he counter sues them for slander because he looks bad.

Then there is financial history. He's been bankrupt FOUR times. None of his personal wealth has disappeared. It is all protected by loopholes in financial law. He puts more into his investments than he can get out, can't pay a lone and boom! Bankrupt. Thousands out of work, real estate languishing, hundreds of vendors have to cover the cost of doing HIS business at the expense of THEIR OWN and sometimes going out of business themselves because he didn't pay his bills.

And let's look at personal history. The man runs away from everything that is uncomfortable while he is vocalizing the pep talk "I'm great. I'm important. I'm YUGE." that is supposed to stay internalized. And honestly, 30 years of pep talking himself is a clear sign the man has some issues. As he is getting older and begins to epitomize the things that he mocked as weakness in his youth the louder he gets. The man is so insecure in his own person, his own body that he is trying to make everyone believe how great he is so that he can believe it. You see it on the playground all the time. And when he doesn't get the ego boost he wants he cries to the teacher (lawsuits) and then runs away and does an interview in his posh NYC apartment to remind everyone (and himself) that he is awesome. But it is all on the surface.

He's a walking talking ego. And he is so out of touch with reality that he's got cajones the size of Siberia. Now imagine with an ego like that, with a payment and financial history like that what happens when his bill to Putin comes due. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine..... uh oh.

In all of the history of organized crime (Today the role of mob boss will be played by Vladmir Putin) what do you think is the largest borrowed sum that has been defaulted? In mob terms, because that is who you borrow from when an honest bank laughs you out the door and tells tales at the Christmas Party, he owes millions. With what, 300% interest? The mob boss has that client by the balls right? No way on a deal like that you would renege. Right? Right! But what if... what if you gave a guy lots of money AND helped him be the leader of an organization that can be manipulated to your favor (Usually it's mayors and police chiefs) and the only thing that you ask of the guy is that when the time comes he do you a YUGE favor. Anything he wants regarding policy that will make his business (country) the MOST successful, STUPID UGLY RICH, business in the world by letting the Boss dictate policy. Then what if he looks at you and says "No."

First his history of backing out on deals says there is a 95% chance that will happen. So he says no. The standard threats are all there and he says no. You could break his knees. You could kill his family. Go ahead. When he has to divorce this model that murder as revenge is gonna be YUGELY cheap. You could kill his advisors. Go ahead. It isn't like he listens to them anyway. It's just a big posse to make him feel better about himself and bigger to his opponents. You know that saying about shadows always being bigger than the thing that casts it? Let that sink in as you apply that to Trump. So he says no and you can't touch him in normal channels.

He was YOUR inside guy so it isn't like you can threaten him with all the underhanded bank and legal deals. Your eggs are in HIS basket an he's still holding it. Ruin his reputation? Sure. But that won't get your money back. That won't get you control. And you still loose the respect of YOUR peers for making such an asinine deal. He's just gonna keep telling you "No". Why?

Once YOU have done all the work of getting HIM in office, you are on equal feet in the world view. He isn't going to let you be his Puppet Master. His ego is in control. He's going to be POTUS because you put him there. And once he is POTUS it isn't going to be hard for him to declare himself his own CZAR. He lives like royalty. It won't be long before he thinks he really is and has his cloud of witless minions believing it. He thought for two seconds about a family member as Vice President. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does that tell you about his thinking? And when he tells you "No." he will be in charge of an arsenal as good as yours.

You're going to have to fight him for it.

You're going to have to start WWIII to get your investment's worth, to get your respect back. But if you start WWIII you loose everyone's respect. World Leaders all talk like they are ready to throw the switch if someone farts loud enough. But I am sure all of you guys know that if you let loose the nukes of war you will kill the planet and it won't be worth winning. You'll the the Supreme leader of a toxic radioa active ash pile. Good on ya, right? So you can't nuke him.

And he'll laugh.

Then maybe you'll launch a ground war.

Because that trick always works? e

You fight him to make him uphold his end of the election buy out deal and you won't have resources to do the things you are already doing. Sure, you have to kill NATO to accomplish what you want to do in the Balkans. But you chose Donald Trump to be your guy just cause you could hold money over his head? DUDE, it's YOUR money. He doesn't give two shits what happens to YOUR money. You are going to have to sue him for it.

And that means you are going to have to totally disclose the whole deal, how much you spent to kepe him in business and help him fund his campaigns if you went that far in on it. And the WHOLE WORLD would know you felt so impotent that you needed HIS help.

I'm not saying that this scenario will play out for certain. I've just been cheated by a LOT of people in my life and I know how it goes. If I can't get something on my own I do without. And I don't let people close enough to take an inventory of my stuff so it can get stolen. All I'm saying it that it could go down this way. Most likely will go down this way. Someone is gonna get cheated, and the only one who can get cheated is the one who's holding the pink slip. Money dealt is money spent. Money spent is LooooooooNG Goooonnnnnnne!

Politics makes strange bedfellows because you all think with the wrong head. 

If in fact you made the deal like our papers say, it's YOUR ass on the line. I have nothing more to do or say about it than ask "Where's the Butter?" for my popcorn. The world will burn the cheaters and I get to laugh. At ALL of the cheaters, big & small.

But I will hope that Putin is smarter than that. And if he's not that the people are Russia are forgiving enough not to lynch him like Romania lynched Nicolae Ceaucescu. Man, talk about a good Aquarius gone bad.

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