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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

This is My Christmas Mood

Too many people griping about things that are "unfair". Generosity has died in the US. Volunteerism is at an all time low and Toys for Tots donations are down 30%. The rhetoric of the election is all consuming and we are looking toward the Dystopian London of Dickens era as the new normal for American life.

All of the advances that have been made in the last 50+ years of workers rights, environmental protection and social progress is being undone. If HeWhoShallNotBeNamed II doesn't get into office, it actually won't matter because the corrosion in the hearts of the American people has taken a toll. No one cares about others anymore. Every man for himself is the new American motto. Everyone has an excuse for being rude and bombastic and there is no shaming people into behaving well.

From the "comprehensive list of things you are entitled to" meme to the lack of community responsiveness... we are doomed. Billy Graham wanted a revival in America in the 1970s. He never got it. And I doubt it will ever come. I am not overly religious. Church life mirrors the rest of the world and it isn't pretty there either. It is a cold light that shines through those stained glass windows. There is a cold, detached heartlessness spreading unchecked.

The unrepentant Scrooge's are praised and lauded, their crimes overlooked here while the rest of the world is trying to curtail blatant abuses of power from the corporate world. I'm afraid even the Ghost of Christmas Future won't get through to them.

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