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Monday, December 19, 2016

May I Have the Envelope, Please...

The Fantastically Ignorant have spoken. We are now living in Putin's America.

Michigan threw all 16 electoral votes at him. Every vote for HWMNBNII was a vote against Pure Michigan.

Each vote for HWMNBNII was a vote to: continue to suppress the minimum wage, a vote against developing new tech, a vote to dismantle the Great Lakes protections and sell our groundwater to Nestle and poison the rest. It was a vote to dismantle our education system and turn it over to private companies with no qualms about proselytizing, becoming tuition based and one more Pay-to-Play graft. Each and every vote was a vote against progress, cast by whining simpletons who chose to be simple.

I have a solid grasp of the education of most every Trump voter on my friends list because I was one of many tutors required for them to pass. They didn't see any point in trying to succeed in school because there were other things that were more important to them; the fickle mistress Sports, chasing Boys to get married, chasing girls to get laid, and the absolute belief that a strong back mattered more than a strong brain. These are people who fail to understand that you need both in this world. You always have. They are not big picture people. They are, most all of them, concerned with the smallest circle that can be drawn around them and still include others.

The rare bunch in my friends list, the smart business people who think he is a good idea, are operating under the delusion that a man of business is going to make their businesses better. He's been bragging about screwing his partners, middle management and how many lower level workers his dealings have put out of work for decades. He's chosen people for his cabinet who have had a running history of taking form others to fill their own pockets, people so far removed from the everyday Joes that votes for him as to be laughable. He's put wolves in every hen house the United States has established to protect its land and people and these business friends of mine think that he is going to share. He is not.

They have all been so afraid of Bernie Sanders' brand of socialism that they voted for a Bolshevik. The Bolshevik's didn't like the Monarchy anymore than the Deplorables like Career Politicians. But who got screwed when they took the Russian government from the Czar? The same people who always get screwed: the littlest guys, the farmers and minimum wage workers, then they came after the small business owners with taxes that amount to extortion. And that is who is in charge of America now.

Congrats all you Fantastically Ignorant voters. Congrats.

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