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Saturday, December 6, 2008

when good dj's go bad

So I spent 8 hours at work in the breakfast bar. Then someone decided that she had to leave at 1 so then I housekept... as I said in the last post. Then I decided to drive home. We've been having snow, an inch an hour, all day with wind gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. No problem.
Stopped at the dollar store for new slippers since my fuzzy lined slippers went missing and found a space heater to replace the one that is going bad. When I came out the car was covered... again. I only spent about 15 minutes in the store. At this point I thought about going back to work and begging Colleen to let me stay, even if I had to pay for it. But then I thought better than to make a nuisance of myself. So I got out on the road. And a guy who turned left out of the no left turn lane cut me off in almost zero visibility. And it was zero for the next several miles. So I stopped and got gas. As I am on approach to the gas station the dj on the oldies station makes this smart ass comment. "Wow, it's snowing so hard we may need rudolph to get home." Granted, this was a bad day, the snow on a horizontal and like I said... zero visibility.
So a gas truck gets stuck on the hill just above the gas station, the hill I have to go up to get home without getting stuck myself. It then took 45 minutes to drive the last four miles home. My road was mostly closed and the driveway was impassable. But then that is the way that the winter works around here. So I called Colleen. She said Iwas crazy to have driven home. So I turned around and came back. The coming back was a problem.
The bayside drive was worse than anything I had seen today. I slid down the big hill almost sideways. And then along the bay, the only place that had any visibility was where our defunct zoo is. Couldn't drive more than 20 miles an hour, which didn't stop the guys in the SUV's, who fishtailed around every corner and starting from every stop. By the time I got to work, I was wet, tired and had been on hte road for two one half hours and only driven 16 miles.
Rudolph best keep his big bright nose to himself. And the dj's need to find other pop culture references. If rudy can't see his way to flying my crate home he best not bother with the lead light.

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