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Friday, December 19, 2008

I just heard the news today... oh boy

Majel Barrett died yesterday.
Majel Barrett was Gene Roddenberry's wife, Christopher Pike's Number One, Nurse Chappel, Deanna Troi's mom and the voice of Enterprise 1701-D. I'm not taking this well. My intuition told me we were losing another cast memeber this year. I am always afraid it will be Nimoy. But Majel was just as bad.
Wil didn't write a long tribute to her. I think that will come later. But then it may not. She never was as public a figure as the rest of the crew. And she seemed, according to Wil to be the life of the set. I just always admired her. Oh sure, lawaxana was annoying and I was glad I didn't have a flamboyant mom like that. But I always thought that she was a strong woman. She got to have a prime post on the pilot episode. And they didn't write her as stupid or flirty.
She may have been the first strong female character to influence me. And as Nurse Chappel, we shared a common interest in Mr. Spock. But she didn't act stupid about it... except for the plomeek soup incident. But girls are like that when they are trying to get noticed. Otherwise she was pretty okay.
I wish we all lived in a world where it was certain that you were accepted for your job performance and not favored for the looks or the family association. Oh well.

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  1. Ah man, that sux. I always had a "thing" for Nurse Chappel. Well, I'm glad you wrote bout her and I'm sure somewhere she is looking down here thankful you remembered her as well.