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Saturday, January 31, 2009

sad geek epilogue

At the end of Stand By Me, Richard Dryfuss' Gordie is at the computer, writing. When he gets to the end of his essay about Chris Chambers he says that at 39 you just don't have friends like you did when you were 12. "Does anyone?"

At 39, I don't have moments like I did when I was 12. Or like Julie's skating moment like when we were 8 or 10. But I don't find myself asking "Does anyone?" I ask, "Why the hell not?"

Just sayin'...

1 comment:

  1. I have more friends today than I did at 12 also. But I think you and I are in the minority. Most folks grow up with a group and over time lose touch. Plus, they spend time with their own kids and spouses and really find that thy have one or two good friends and that's all after all these years.

    But we - the ones who were relatively ignored and friendless in grade school - have grown up and developed our lifelong friendships as adults.

    Just sayin'....