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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jarod again

I almost forgot that the best part about jarod is his compassion. I only know of one episode in which MacGyver helps his worst enemy. In every episode Jarod is trying to put everybody's life back together that the Centre tore apart... even the people hunting him. Mis Parker would shoot Jarod in the back and he keeps sending her clues about her past and little menaingful gifts that [spoiler alert] by the end of the show have taken the edges down to little round bumps.
Jarod genuinely cares about people. He wouldn't purposely hurt the people who operate the Centre. He won't hurt Syd or Parker. But he is firm in his convictions that no one should suffer and if nobody else will stop the hurts then he will and he won't let them stop him.
Excellent. I only wish I had as much conviction in me as he has in a single strand of his hair.

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