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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

celebrate your heroes

So I waded through all of the posts for the last 12 month. And I found tons of things that need addressing. I guess I must have hit a wall with the dark days of the year because my frequency dropped dramatically. One of those things that needs addressing is the subject of Heroes. I only managed to wax fangyrl about Richard Dean Anderson. If you watch the Simpsons then you know that every chick in the free world loves MacGyver, and my humble voice gets drowned out in the chorus of praise singers. So heres a partial list of persons who you can look forward to meeting if you've not met them yet. On the heels of Scifi's stupidity, I think it is important to reiterate the good in the genre.
Dr. Helen Magnus
Dr. Major Samantha Carter, SGC
General Jack O'Niell, SGC
Dr. Daniel Jackson, SGC
Andrea Thomas/Isis
Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett
Professor Charlie Epps
Captain Jean-Luc Picard, USS Enterprise
Captain Kathryn Janeway, USS Voyager
Professor Charles Xavier

Yes, the realm of geekdom is vast. Yet it is not its size that insures its future glories and continued successes. The realm is under attack by an enemy from within. If we do not celebrate our Hereos we lose them to the mists of time. If we fail to recognise the heroic in others we then lose the ability to see it in ourselves, becoming victims of circumstance.

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