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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

we are legion

I am not the only one who thinks that this Scifi thing is lame, morally reprehensible, intellectually bankrupt, spiritually corrupt and in poor taste. I found pages of comments in a twitter search this morning. My mind is still boggled.
Isn't it morally wrong to falsely advertise a product? Scifi is for science fiction. Not wrestling. Not reality TV. Yet, as stated yesterday, the channel wants to get away from its science fiction image. Scifi had, by its own accounts, the best year to date in its 16 year history. It is just more corporate bankruptcy. There are no funds in the brain trusts' account.
If this is the best year, then obviously they have to keep in this vein. And what was that? More stronger female lead characters [they want female viewers], more hunky geeks/nerds [they want the female viewer], better [read more plausibility] plots in their homegrown products [they want female viewers].
I know that this is just a TV channel [involuntary shudder] but the spirit behind scifi channel is the science fiction, geek dedicated programming... in other words, the search for new life, new civilizations. Scifi started out boldly going where no other channel had gone before. It was a courageous leap of faith in us, the convention going/toy collecting/fanboi-gyrl geek squad. Scifi was a safe haven of geekdom in an otherwise geek hostile world of antidragon, antidroid, anti cool space vehicle establishment. Scifi fed our souls. Isn't it spiritual corruption to starve the soul?
And what about it just being in poor taste? Etiquette demands that you reward loyalty and faithfulness with good stewardship and the occasional endowment of lordly praise for the legions who depend on your guidance. Isn't this just a big "I fart in your general direction" to the people who made their channel a success? If you are going to lead then lead... but lead us somewhere, pinnacle of success, over the enemies defenses, over the rainbow, somewhere but the gallows. If you are going to lead then lead. Don't pull a Nero and burn Rome to the ground for your enemies. Sheesh... c'mon Scifi.
We are the legion that built your house. We are the legion that will blow your house down.

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