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Monday, March 16, 2009


In the realm of things that I do not understand, this news from Sci-Fi Channel: name and format change. format change? Really? How do you reformat a science fiction channel? Why would you change the name of a science fiction channel to something completely... well stupid.
Sci Fi says that it wants to get away from the image of immature boys in basements with video games. HELLO! We are geeks. We are the socially inept. We are a legion of people who prefer the imaginary world to the real one.
Haven't these suits been to a convention? Do they have any idea what the Fuck is going on with the whole genre? Do they have any concept of what a brand really is? they are about science fiction. It was a channel about science fiction, for science fiction fans, made by science fiction fans. Gene Roddenberry is spitting on these people. Asimov is rolling over Hubbards grave trying to get at their throats. What is wrong with these people? Does everything have to be homogenous?OH the HUMANITY!

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