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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

twitter twits

I can not figure out how people like the local news crew, and other "big" names know I exist to follow me on twitter. I don't even know how it is that the little guys find me or why I am being followed.
If I start to sound paranoid I can chalk it up to poorly chosing "followed" as the twitter verb or my guilt complex that is growing because I knw I should be working with bro instead of at cross purposes. Not for him, but so that my life can move forward. Frak what he wants and frell him for making me think that I should care. It is a puzzle.

I am sad too because my first coffee love is gone teh way of the arcade games. The stations espresso is gone. They put up a valiant fight to remain in business. But the saturated market and the falling economy made the choice inevitable. I don't know how the market is saturated... there can never be enough coffee. This was my first coffee refuge, a haven of fine beans and great atmosphere. Elle and Dieter even began importing German treats like Lebkuchen straight from the old hometown. Well... close to the old hometown. Alas... a portend of things to pass.

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