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Friday, April 3, 2009

For those keeping score...

Last nights nightmare was a surreal conglomeration of no less than 15 aspects of my life as represented by the persons who participated in last nights revel. I don't remember how it began. The middle was my sisters wedding which took place in the yard of a Burtonesque just House collaged with a variety of houses that I have admired. The party lights surrounding the yard that lead down to a Cape Fear kind of picturesque beach were bobbleheads of disgruntled persons from my past in Seth MacFarlane cartoon style. Some of them talked. After the ceremony and the reception, we all decided to go down to the beach... at almost midnight with a full moon rising high in an indigo sky. The waves crashed and seemed to encourage bravado from some of the guests. As we were frolicking on Empire's sandy shore [Empire is a village near TC], Kathy noticed there were fireworks. Laura and the rest of the party gathered and we plopped down to watch. Eric and his kids seemed less mezmerized than the rest of us.
Suddenly the far shore, which in real life would have been Wisconsin, came closer to us. As the fireworks brightened with wild color and frenzied patterns I noticed a skyline... big city type. Then someone said "Ha ha. That's funny." What?
"We're watching fireworks over the Empire state from Empire beach."
I was just about to wake myself with a scream when blazing colors streaked across the moon and it turned a shade of putrid violet red. Patrick Stewart's voice then announced the end of the foolish human race as a fanged mouth envoloped the moon...
Captain Picard the Antichrist? Who knew....
yea all that on Nyquill. I don't even want to know what something stronger would do to my mind but this has to stop.

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  1. Damn, Woman! And I thought MY drugs were good!!!