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Sunday, April 5, 2009

To sum up the week's end...

Sunday bloody Sunday
It was a bloodbath of Biblical proportions. We are training someone for the position of Exe. Super at another one of our locations. My job today was to inspect her work, do my owrk, inspect someone else's work and have things wrapped up by 4:00. I punched out at 7. I came in at 8:30. And in the middle of the day, new person in training had her work inspected. And NPiT, when told to fix a few things that were a miss and try to avoid repeating the mistake told me I should do it myself.
And neglected to do what she was told... things that we lost points on during a brand inspection... that she was told about by my superior yesterday. I have to fix my work when I'm told. And my inspection is just to cover our assess in the event of a picky guest stopping in for a vistit.
I let both of her comments slide, figuring maybe it was her upset stomach that made her stabby. But I got barked at all day. The second time that I went to look at her "corrective measures" she informed me of a problem with a specific room. "Whoever cleaned it left _____ and a guest told me about it." Now for that to have been left in a room means that I did not do MY job yesterday. What she doesn't know is that I was already aware that the room had not been rented for 9 days, I was not hte last inspector in the room and... I doubt that the event happened because the guest never complained to the office.
I don't know what set us on this path. But it has been escallating. And I have been taking it to a degree. I did managed to take the issue to upper management and say that I would like some idea how to deal with this since I have never experienced it before, and because I would never do that to my superior. My immediate manager for the day was at a loss and we agreed to table this.
My only thought is to draw from Picard's advice to young Crusher on his first Command Mission. Essentailly he told Wes that Wes was in charge and in charge for a reason. If he wanted something done then it was up to his team members to do the work even over their objections, especially if he had the more compelling argument. He should not let his age or his ego determine his worth in that position but simply follow his own orders to Wes and do the best job with the Astrometrics scan that he could.
I would like to take my own advice. But with the way the last few months have gone, I don't feel that my best is good enough. It doesn't mean I can be walked all over, even if I feel that some members of management have done that in the past.
I would rather be an ensign on the Enterprise than a housekeeper here... even if, according to the last post, Picard is the Antichrist.

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