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Friday, April 3, 2009


We had them today. And as usual housekeeping is holding the whole place back. We have one ofthe cleanest hotels in the city. The cleanest in the Medallion ratings and when the inspector comes its all for shit. Oh, we improved over the last inspection. But it wasn't good enough. The big guy actually fumed. Neither Linda nor I are Nazi's about things. It doesn't work to go all Sellers on people. Even in this economy, if you make a hostile/aggressive work environment, people will leave. And we have been short handed forever.
And it isn't like we don't work hard. No one is slacking off. We've been busting our buts. We have a very specific issue and it has two causes: deriliction of lint trap cleaning duties and someone refuses to spend money on the supplies that we ask for. So the "Work Faster" answer to everything remains the standard. There is no work smarter. We're the grunts. Any idiot can clean a room so we get treated like idiots. And I guess that is where I have to realize things are.
This is not going to be what I do for the rest of my life. I just have to stabilize my life enough to get into something else.
I know what. But its the getting there.
And I guess, since I know I won't be here forever. And it hasn't done anything to get my brother's approval (no, I don't still want it.) it's time to face facts that I just don't care about making the work environment better. Every suggestion I have made has yielded indifference, disdain or aggravated antagonism from other departments. And I still fume over the "Work faster" response when I asked where my help was, especially after I just threw extra hours into laundry when they were short. NIce. Sometimes you can't cahnge the world. And sometimes its better to quit trying if the alternative is becoming embittered.

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