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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What I should be doing is repacking my stuff. Since bro launched his internet invite gargae sale things have gotten a little messy. I've dragged and stacked the stuff in an organized pile and made a definate line of demarcation. How ever it is completely in disarray. And if I don't repack, seal the boxes with stretch wrap and put packing slips on them then I will never make certain that things don't get lifted. But I am only able to keep my head up for a while. Standing upright is not an option though I can sit. Yep... it's the seasonal crap.
I was doing so good working all kinds of hours and getting stuff done. But I must have over done it. Now I just want to take my eyes out of my head and listen to more podcasts. There are a variety of things that I want to post about. But right now... this is it.

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