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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am really enjoying this new tech era. i thought that I would hate it. For one, I was expecting to find out that I really am not a geek and should immediately surrender my geekcard to the proper agency. For two, I expected that I would be found by the wrong people and harassed more than I already am. But mostly I expected this to be another arena in which I epicly fail to win friends and influence people. Read: rejection. So mostly I enjoy lurking about the celeb pages on twitter and enjoying the hell out of the randomness, try to impress the wheaton enough to get a reply [which would be why I'm not getting any] and just watching the way life unfolds. This is comfortable. I have always been a watcher, an observer of behavior so that I can educate myself and hopefully not make the huge blundering mistakes that blow out starship hulls and get my redshirted self vaporized ala Tasha Yar. It also makes it easier to help people in my unprofessional armchair psychiatry role as a non Betazoid empath. So today's trip through the Twitterverse was shocking.
One of the people I follow has been having an issue with his celebrity status and lack of contingency. So, what I read as a running joke, I also recognize as a bandaid on an open wound. As I did for my friend this weekend, I sent him something encouraging. Flippant but encouraging. Of ocurse I never expect the celebs to read what I send. But someone in the industry reads him and made a comment about my comment.
I have been so star struck and stupefied that I haven't been back to look at what is going on. I mean, I mean I love this guy. Not in that stalkeratti way most of the girls in my class loved Ricky Schroeder. I mean in the way that you can't wait to see what great things your friends are doing. He had a fish-out-of-water character that I related to. And in other things I've seen him in I have found his performances to be delightful... hitting on Lilith was a bit creepy but fun since it kept Frasier off her radar. I guess I am a natural cheerleader because I love to say "yea you" to people that I admire. Kinda like the Wheaton thing. And I will say he didn't get enough lines in the Family Guy episode. So basically I had an epic "meet your hero" fail.
Facepalm. Recover. Facepalm. Sigh.
Anything clever I had in my head went Poof. My mind is frozen with a running OMG dialog with What Do I Do Now chorus of screeches. I feel like Ed Grimley after having lost his triangle before a big symphony performance, I really must say. I know I put pressure on myself. And I tried to figure out where I know the commenter from. I've run across her several times but for the life of me I can't figure out just where she fits into this puzzle. While it would be great to have this idea be a launch for something truly amazing, I am afraid that it is one of those fleeting things that means much in the moment but nothing so much in future moments. Still... how cool?!

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