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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seduction of the technophobe

So, I am cruising through the aisles at Office Max after completing my mission to find packing material to secure [at least in my mind] my possessions with Rube Goldbergian sureity when I see IT. This thing that will suck money from me faster than iTunes, faster than a DVD sale at Best Buy, is, as the marketing gurus have said, the right color, the color that will make people absolutely buy what they don't have the money for.
I don't have 30.00 plus tax to spend on a gadget. But I have a need for it, legitimate, solves an eternal and infernal conundrum and it is... perfect. I am resisting its pull. But as we all know, resistance is futile. The only question now is how long can I resist its ergonomicentricity*, the way it fits my palm perfectly, its size and weight in my hand? How long can I resist its pearlescence... its shimmer... the look that begs to be used? How long can I resist its attempts to seduce me into the techno era with complete and utter surrender...

Okay smart ass I will ask Mr. Owl... sheesh do you people do anything besides what TV?

*ergonomicentricity: adj. new word developed by the author to describe a state of having an intrinsic quality of ergonomic design.

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