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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something to Ponder

I often find something Jarod says to be of use later in life. The writers for the Pretender are either extremely empathic or have found a way to use the shite in their personal lives for something good, because there is profound wisdom in the comfort that he gives to Miss Parker. Sidney is full of good words too, but today's tidbit comes from J man himself:

"Sometimes the things that scare you the most can be the things that save your life."

I will have to ponder this thought. It stood out so that means there is something to learn there. I just cannot see what it is at the moment. I don't think he meant the usuall phobias: snakes, thunder, heights. I think he meant the things that are buried deeply in the psyche. Fear of the dark, perhaps? Fear of the unknown? I don't know. Like I said I will have to ponder this some.

Maybe the people that you trust or don't trust? Fear of being alone forever? Fear of... but is fear of something the same as being scared? Scared is an adrenal thing that you kinda get over fast. Fear is an insidious thing that doesn't always let you see clearly. I see a difference, maybe there isn't one.
Well... I'm off to ponder.

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