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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday with pizza

Can I be any geekier?
I am sitting on the floor Indian style, eating pizza and Twittering away with all the geek guys who have found me to follow on an Easter Sunday. The only thing missing is my Dr. Pepper because I didn't want to stop at 7-11 this morning.
I am currently contemplating how I can get to Novi for the Penguicon convention May 1&2 because the Wheaton will be there to read/perform, lead a Rock Band gig and present a discussion on self publishing. The cash outlay for that has to be cheaper than the 3000.00 I couldn't raise to see Sting. Yet, as I tweeted: cash+car repairs+sheduling+place to crash on the cheap+non jello legs+ snowballs chance in Hell. Yet, I am doing the math. Most likely inappropriately.
And I couldn't be any more excited to have met a new friend via twitter thru Brent Spiner even though I am certain he doesn't know either of us exist beyond the frequency of our replies to his tweets. This crazy new world is getting to be really cool now.

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