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Friday, April 10, 2009

to quote: Uuuuuggggghhhhhh!

I have never worked with anyone who challenges my authority every time I turn around. I open my mouth and she's telling me how to do my job. It would be like Geordie telling Commander Riker to fix the warp engines himself. Or having Wesley Crusher (sorry Wil) run to Captain Picard and ask if he really told Riker to tell him (Wes) to run astrometric simulations.
Inherantly the problem lies in my job title as assisstant housekeeping supervisor. It means that I am automatically inferior to her because she has been a head housekeeper for 5 years, though that has yet to be verified. However, she is supposed to be learning the CI branding. And with the amount of dirt that she leaves behind in a room, AFTER we were inspected and she was repeatedly warned that this was an issue... she feels picked on.
I'd like to say I've had enough. But if I am not consistant. If I say whatever to myself and clean up behind her, then a. she's alpha femaled me, b. she never learns, c. we get FUBARed on the next inspection and d. I lose... in that particular order. The only thing I can do is take all the dog parenting and child parenting advice about consistancy and let her whine at Brad. All that I can say is that if I didn't need to write things down then I wouldn't fill the lines with notes on HER rooms; and that if she would quit cutting corners I wouldn't need to make notes at all. Since I did tell her and the new girl that the supervisors duties were revised in light of the last inspection she can't complain too much... which of course doesn't stop her from complaining. I am not doing anything I shouldn't be doing except fixing the nit picky inconsistansies that we aren't supposed to fix any more.
I am not a Janeway, Picard or Riker. And at my age, I can't afford to be a Crusher engenue. Jack O'Neill's Do It Do It Now Scwarzenegger doesn't sound right coming out of me. But I'm gonna have to learn to have a back bone from someone or I'm going to quit in a fit of pique and then what? Go live in the same flea bag hotel as Spiner?

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